Makeup artists and hairdressers

We provide hostesses or models uniformly styled with a standard makeup and hair-style, unless you request otherwise.

Professional photographer

If you would like to document the unique moments of your Event, professional photographers are also available.

Interpreter and guide

For your foreign client, we will provide a companion and/or interpreter.


In order to successfully and safely accomplish what you desire, you may need the services of our professional bodyguards. Please inquire further.


Live music, recorded, or DJ available.

Flowers and floral decorations

Flowers as a gift for guests, or decorations in the foyer, hall, etc. at your request.


Pursuant to your requirements, we will arrange all refreshments for you.

Limusine service

A Rolls Royce with a professional chauffeur to transports your guests to your Event will be available.


We arrange accommodation in a luxury hotel in the heart of Prague